A pretty green "whiteboard" being used to play and display. There is the letter 'C' and a crab picture made of Connetix Magnetic Tiles. A beautiful feature wall of a playroom.
A pretty whiteboard that is actually a beautiful peach colour, being played with by a boy. The boy is using the magnets to learn about counting.
Magnetic tile ball run (Connetix pictured here) pair perfectly with our beautiful, highly magnetic receptive coloured whiteboard (dry-erase board). This is pretty whiteboard is a green shade we call "Sage".
A beautiful "whiteboard" being played with by 3 children. The whiteboard is a pretty peach colour and brightens the room.
A gorgeous playroom with pretty whiteboard. The whiteboard is in fact a lovely purple colour.
Who is Maynetic?
A vibrant blue whiteboard is being used as a canvas to play with Magnetic tiles. The pretty whiteboard is highly magnetic receptive, and has a magnetic tile ball run on it.