About Us

A Mother's Quest

Discovering the Perfect Board

I was looking for a whiteboard to turn the nursery of my firstborn into a big boy room. Knowing how versatile and well used it would be, I wanted one to become a fixture in our everyday play. What I didn’t realize is that the options out there were unattractive, not magnetically receptive enough and expensive to top it off. This is where my research and journey to Maynetic began.

Our Love for Versatility

Interactive Learning

Crafted for young minds, every sketch ignites creativity.

Nurturing Creativity

A tool that's also a catalyst, fueling a child's imagination.

Magnetic Magic

Strong magnetic receptibility lets kids craft vibrant designs effortlessly.

Educational Playtime

Endless possibilities for learning through play with the added benefits of working on vertical surfaces.

Why Choose Maynetic?

Exceptional Quality. Distinctive Elegance. Designed for You.

Magnetic Precision

Superior magnetic receptibility

Unique Designs

Artistic & functional

Masterful Creation

Crafted with care

Thoughtful Accessories

Curated for play & learn

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