Who is Maynetic?

Hi and welcome to Maynetic! I’m Leigh, a mother of 2 children.

I was looking for a fun whiteboard to turn the nursery of my firstborn into a big boy room. Knowing how versatile and well used it would be, I wanted one to become a fixture in our everyday play. What I didn’t realize is that the options out there were mostly imported, unattractive, not magnetically receptive enough AND expensive to top it off. This is where my research and journey to Maynetic began.

When I was a little girl, my Pepe (grandfather) was an electrician. One day, he and my mother decided that the side of an old fridge should come home with us to use as a magnetic board. My fond memory of playing with this was part of my inspiration. Also, in our house we use and love our magnetic tiles and ball run! I knew that if I could create a board that was magnetic receptive enough to use with our ball run, we would have a really special addition to our play space. Our small home needs smart play options and now, we can keep our ball runs and play up on our wall if we want. No more premature packing up or tripping over tiles!

We love to use our board for games, construction, educational activities, visual scheduling, to showcase artwork, display our party invitations and so much more!

We handmake our boards using local suppliers wherever possible which thankfully, is almost everything!

Head over to our blog Why Children Should Work on Vertical Surfaces for a little further insight into why we created Maynetic.

We would love you to join the Maynetic fun and share your experiences on your socials! @world_of_maynetic on Instagram and @Maynetic on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting our store! I’d love to hear your feedback or assist you with selecting the board that is right for you and your family.