Why Maynetic Boards Are Attracting More Than Just Magnets: Why Maynetic and not a Glass Board or Wall Decal

Hey there, fellow scribblers and doodlers or the parents of little creatives! You know the benefits of having children work on vertical surfaces. Are you searching for a pretty whiteboard but can only find office boards that are about as inspiring as watching white paint dry? Or wondering about glass boards or wall decals as an option? Incorporating colour comes with benefits, which we talked about previously The Vibrant Science of Colour: Boosting Dopamine Through Colour and Vertical Play

The good news is, we’ve created the best “whiteboard” for children and offices. The only boards on the market to combine beautiful decor and maximum versatility – the Maynetic board!

The Magnetic Personality of Maynetic Boards

First off, let’s talk about the magnetic charm of these boards. Unlike traditional whiteboards that just sit there, expecting you to do all the work, Maynetic boards are like your helpful sidekick. They hold onto your children’s magnetic tiles and magnetic ball runs, favourite pictures, your notes and even that emergency pizza menu with the strength of a superhero.

Glass Boards vs. Maynetic Boards: The Clear Winner

Now, glass boards might look chic, but they’re the high-maintenance type. You need those rare earth magnets/extra strong magnets and come on, they’re glass, heavy and require specific installation fixings. Maynetic boards? They’re the down-to-earth friend who’s always there for you, holding onto any magnet you throw their way. On top of that, they give you multiple options for installation including “no hole” and “damage free” options, making them perfect for renters or those who like to change the layout of their rooms regularly.

 Decals vs. Maynetic Boards: Stick to the Best

Magnetic wall decals might seem cool until you realize they’re about as durable as a chocolate teapot and as strong as the 3rd press of that budget teabag. Maynetic boards, on the other hand, are the real deal. They won’t peel off when the going gets tough or the humidity rises. They’re also going to hang on tight to those magnets!

The Verdict: Maynetic is the Best Board to Cover All Use Cases

If you want a board that’s more than just a pretty surface, go for Maynetic. It’s the board that works hard, plays hard, and of course, it looks great doing it. Whether you’re a parent, a student, or just have a thing for vertical play and artful display, Maynetic boards are your go-to for fun and a clutter-free, organised life. 

And remember, with a Maynetic board, you’re not just buying a board, you’re adopting one of our family members. A very flat, rectangular, magnetic family member, but family nonetheless, and becoming part of the Maynetic family in the process. The other way to become part of the Maynetic family is to join our community. 

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